Me, the boy, and The Monster

"Me, the boy, and 'The Monster'" is a book about what it's like to parent a traumatised child. It's a raw, honest account, and it's borne out of my own experiences as an adoptive mum. Living with trauma is HARD. It's hard for the kids, and it's hard for the parents. I'd like to stand by your side, and tell you that you are not alone, that there are things that can help make things better.

In the book I'll explain some of the basics of your child's brain, how it's been physically shaped by trauma, and how it relates to your day to day experience of parenting them. I'll also explain what attachment *actually* is (clue: it is not what the social workers on my prep course told us it was), why it's important to you, and how to tell when someone is trying to fob you off with the old 'but they've obviously got attachment issues so that's just the way it is' thing.

I first used The Monster to help my daughter to understand why her brother was so angry and violent towards her, and more recently I've introduced the idea to Tickle (my adopted son, who features in the book) and he's turned out to be pretty receptive to the concept. So once the first book is released I'm planning on doing a kids version, which you can use to explain The Monster to your own child, and begin to give them an understanding of what might be going on inside their head.

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